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    kevin - priest

    Post  kevin23 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:27 pm

    1. First Name. Kevin

    2. Class and Primary Spec/Secondary Spec - Please include a brief explanation of why you have chosen to spec and gear the way you have. Disc priest, i like to heal and one of my good friends was a disc priest so i decided to be one also. Later on im going to dual spec and have a holy spec also, for raid heals.

    3. Time Zone and Play Schedule. im on the eastern time zone and i usually play from around 8 server time until about 4 server time depending on when i want to get off.

    4. Former Gaming History, Complete WoW Guild History, and Raid Experience - If you did not leave a former guild on good terms, please explain. i havent ran much i have run os and naxx but i stoped playing for personal reasons and now im back into raiding and getting better gear, i actually just transfered from a diff server not to long ago so the only guild i have been in is mystic.

    5. List any Ensidia members that you know. none atm

    6. Reason(s) for Applying. looking for a later night raiding guild that i can have some fun with and learn some from while gearing up.

    7. Link to Armory Profile.

    8. Link to a WWS or WMO log highlighting your ability to perform your role - Optional

    9. Listing of Alternate Characters and Level. Whosheals 80 disc priest (the one im applying with, maddk lvl 80 dk, Tommorrow lvl 80 rogue.

    10. Any additional info about yourself - Optional. like to have fun and would lik to progress in raiding.

    11. Time Orientation - Length of time you expect to be active. Pretty long dont have much else to do =p

    12. /PLAYED time - on your main and alts, if significant. 24 days 0 hours 46 mins and 6 seconds

    13. What do you offer Ensidia? - What makes you stand out from the other applicants? im a disc priest which is a pretty solid tank healer and im a healer which are harder to find lol

    14. How stable is your ISP/Computer, we dislike holding up the raid for others who keeps on d/c or lag issues. i rarely d/c and when i do its because i forgot to plug my latptop in =p

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    Re: kevin - priest

    Post  Zepher on Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:02 am

    I will reply or find you in game soon.

    ty for applying.

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