Application Form.


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    Application Form.

    Post  Zepher on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:48 am

    Please Copy and paste the list of questions and reply with your answers next to it.

    1. First Name

    2. Class and Primary Spec/Secondary Spec - Please include a brief explanation of why you have chosen to spec and gear the way you have.

    3. Time Zone and Play Schedule

    4. Former Gaming History, Complete WoW Guild History, and Raid Experience - If you did not leave a former guild on good terms, please explain.

    5. List any Ensidia members that you know.

    6. Reason(s) for Applying

    7. Link to Armory Profile

    8. Link to a WWS or WMO log highlighting your ability to perform your role - Optional

    9. Listing of Alternate Characters and Level

    10. Any additional info about yourself - Optional

    11. Time Orientation - Length of time you expect to be active.

    12. /PLAYED time - on your main and alts, if significant.

    13. What do you offer Ensidia? - What makes you stand out from the other applicants?

    14. How stable is your ISP/Computer, we dislike holding up the raid for others who keeps on d/c or lag issues.

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