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    ladydiedeath-fury warrior

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    1.Joshua Ortiz age/19/ from Chicago living in aurora Colorado/hobbies/ boxing drawing or painting beer pong eating and chilling with the friends out of wow and in wow a lay back guy and i have a bit of a humor and i respect all even my enemies i like meeting new people and to help out as much as i can in a guild i no il be a good aspect to your guild my old guild was suppression as u may no they fell apart so i do have guild experience and also no how to run raids i have been a officer plenty of times in guilds.

    3. draenei fury warrior/off spec arms pvp /gs 5900ish in fury and stack only amorpen have a good rotation pull about 8 to 9k dps in some fights

    4. iv have made it as far as your guild in ICC 25 8/12 and i study most of the fights already.

    5. email/
    character name/ ladydiedeath with a i
    im on most of the time and i can raid about as long as you need me

    6.raids i have done/naxx10/25 ony/10/25 /os/10/25 uld/10/25 /toc togc/10/25.

    7. my computer is very steady i well not dc during raids or any other time. to Amory

    9.people ikno from Ensidia
    fuu/wildbeast is a good friend of mine

    10. alts
    name/ deadaiim /hunter / gs 5500 still learning with him

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    Re: ladydiedeath-fury warrior

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