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    1. Erik

    2. Class and Primary Spec/Secondary Spec - Marksman main spec / Survival PvP Off-spec. My Marksman gear is a mix of agi and armor pen which leaves me with a ton of crit and great dps. I have good base Armor Pen so it's enough to leave Arcane shot out of the rotation, etc.

    3. Pacific (California), Most afternoons, and able to play until 3am-ish server time.


    Tenacity - Weren't very good, never raided with them so I quit.
    Suppression - Was in this guild until today when Skillcore disbanded it and raided the gbank most likely lol. We were 8/12 in icc25 and almost 9/12.

    I have experience with 11/12 in icc10, 9/12 icc25.

    5. I have raided with many but cannot recall names.

    6. Old guild disbanded, looking for solid raiding guild with no bs and takes it serious.


    8. I don't have any online atm, I don't know how to access the guild logs. I have solid dps usually above 8k.

    9. Enko - 80 Feral Tank (Roughly 47k hp w/ MotW

    10. Really want to get into a solid raiding guild, and looking for other mature players to get along with.

    11. Time Orientation - As long as possible.

    12. /PLAYED time -

    Enko (used to be main, alt now) - 77 days
    Supershots (Current main) - 19 days

    13. What do you offer Ensidia? - Being able to think for myself. Can actively make good decisions in situations (ie not someone who has to be told what to do in every situation).

    14. Very fast internet, and great video card/RAM. Recently upgraded so I have no technical problems.

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