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    Post  hope on Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:47 am

    1. First Name-scott

    2. Class and Primary Spec/Secondary Spec - Please include a brief explanation of why you have chosen to spec and gear the way you have. I am mut spec reason is b/c i believe thats my most dps spec comes from Razz

    3. Time Zone and Play Schedule - Central time, i play all the time Razz

    4. Former Gaming History, Complete WoW Guild History, and Raid Experience - If you did not leave a former guild on good terms, please explain. I've played pre-bc. raided up to rotface in 10 man

    5. List any Ensidia members that you know. Joe,Hellblight, tuabuang

    6. Reason(s) for Applying: i want to start progression in endgame. actually killing LK

    7. Link to Armory Profile

    8. Link to a WWS or WMO log highlighting your ability to perform your role - Optional

    9. Listing of Alternate Characters and Level: hunter lvl 80 shaman lvl 80 warrior lvl 80

    10. Any additional info about yourself - Optional

    11. Time Orientation - Length of time you expect to be active.

    12. /PLAYED time - on your main and alts, if significant.

    13. What do you offer Ensidia? - What makes you stand out from the other applicants? the rogueness

    14. How stable is your ISP/Computer, we dislike holding up the raid for others who keeps on d/c or lag issues. my computer could be better but can withstand 25 man raids, connection is mostly strong.

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    Re: bynian-rogue

    Post  Inyanna on Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:40 pm

    Our raid times are Mon-Thurs 12am-3am server. Can you be consistent and on time? These are important factors that we consider.

    Hit up one of our officers this evening if you are still interested.

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