Buhfly - Hunter; Koaluh's main.



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    Buhfly - Hunter; Koaluh's main.

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    Buhfly - 80 mm hunter

    1. First Name

    2. Class and Primary Spec/Secondary Spec
    Hunter: marksman as primary spec and a secondary marksman pvp spec that I can change to SV if needed.

    3. Time Zone and Play Schedule
    I'm on just as much as Fuu is. Which isn't a good thing.

    4. Former Gaming History, Complete WoW Guild History, and Raid Experience
    Coming into WoW, Fuu, myself, and some other real life friends started our own guild but were never active enough to expand. The Hundreds broke up and joined different guilds, with a majority of them going to Requiem. Fuu went to you guys and I joined Requiem. Requiem, as a guild, was still growing. There were veteran members who tried getting the guild up the ranks, but lacked a couple members necessary. Our 25man raids made it 6/12 in ICC25 before the break up. Our ICC10 first group downed the 2nd wing the same week as Humility.. I believe. Don't quote me on it. In a typical 25man raid, I would usually pull in top 2-3 dps depending on whether or not I have a specific role in the the fight, such as kiting a few blood beasts or having to switch targets many times (ie: Deathwhisper, ICC Battleship). But this isn't saying too much seeing as our 25man raid had either well geared dps or super shitty geared. There was no inbetween, which blamed for the lack of ICC25 completion.

    I mean I can go on and on but this isn't a dissertation.. so I'll leave it at that.

    5. List any Ensidia members that you know.
    .. well technically a lot of you guys. my alt, Koaluh, is in there.

    6. Reason(s) for Applying
    I left Requiem for a guild that can go places. buuuurn.

    7. Link to Armory Profile

    I realize I have an unsocketed back piece. I'll gem it as soon as I get home, seeing as I'm filling this out in class.

    8. Link to a WWS or WMO log highlighting your ability to perform your role - Optional

    9. Listing of Alternate Characters and Level
    Koaluh, 80, mage
    Wuhlf, 26?, shaman
    Eluhphant, 15, paladin
    Taiokhiao, 2, warlock
    .. I have a lot of lower level toons I use as bank toons and twinks

    10. Any additional info about yourself - Optional
    I am asian. I hate Fuu. He comes over too frequently and doesn't leave me alone. But I eat his food. All the time. And I drink his soda, everytime I'm over. He may be a better pvp'er ingame, but irl, he bends over to me on a daily basis.

    11. Time Orientation - Length of time you expect to be active.
    I'm just as active as Fuu is. Kind of. 'Cept I don't pvp as often.

    12. /PLAYED time - on your main and alts, if significant.
    uhhhh I'd rather not say.. 70 something days on Buhfly.. and I think I'm sitting at like 20 days on Koaluh.

    13. What do you offer Ensidia? - What makes you stand out from the other applicants?
    I'm Buhfly. I offer a lot of sarcasm and ease serious situations. I'm pretty decent dps. I won't say I'm hot shit because nobody likes an arrogant asshole, but I'm definitely not shitty. But I'm super sarcastic. Unless you guys don't like that. Then I'm stern and not fun. But I'll be entertaining for the most part. But not if you guys don't like it. I mean I'm serious when it counts. Nobody likes a 30minute wipe recovery.

    14. How stable is your ISP/Computer, we dislike holding up the raid for others who keeps on d/c or lag issues.
    It's stable. I'm on a macbook, not a fail pc. I mean.. not a fail pc. wait I said that oops. I meant, not a normal regular virus prone pc that tends to shit on you when you're needed. The only issues I have when playing are when I have to get into vents that don't supposed mac codecs.. which kind of disables me from speaking or hearing unless there's a separate channel for mac users, but if that's the case, I still won't even get to use my mic. It's just all audio.

    Apologies if this application was tooooo sarcastic. I tend to not be super serious. Kind of.

    oh and just a side note.. Fuu kind of already invited me into the guild as a non-raider. the only reason why I did this application was to kind of upgrade myself from a non-raider to a.. raider.. if at all possible. a few trial runs and I should be okay. unlesssss.. you guys don't need anymore dps. then poop.

    Thanks for taking the time out to review this.

    .. uhmm..
    Good day!

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