Guild Philosophy, please read before you apply!!


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    Guild Philosophy, please read before you apply!!

    Post  Zepher on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:24 am

    The following are fundamental core principles of what Ensidia stands for and how you are to conduct yourself as a member. They should be read and understood by all members, and applicants. If any of these principles cannot be honored or upheld, Ensidia is probably not the right guild for you.

    Raid Philosophy

    When Ensidia is raiding, we are focused and driven. It is expected that the performance of each and every members is the best that they are able capable of at ALL times. Whether it be farm content, 10-mans, trash, or the latest boss encounter, we demand that all members maximize their performance and excel above and beyond expectations. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. When Ensidia raids, we raid with the right attitude and want nothing but your best. Your spec, gems and enchants should all reflect a strong drive to assist the raid in being as efficient as possible. All Ensidia members are expected to exhibit extreme determination when it comes to our success and progress. While wiping and learning new encounters it is expected that members demonstrate a high level of attentiveness and enthusiasm. Avoid negatively effecting the focus of others by redirecting their attention to things unrelated to the raid, or getting carried away with too much off-topic joking. A sense of humor is greatly appreciated and there is nothing wrong with having fun, but take care to avoid doing so at the cost of slowing the raid down.

    It is important to note that a raid slot is a privilege, not a right. The raid leader will use the people who are most focused and have proven their worth over the previous raids. Long term members will not necessarily receive raid slots over applicants. It is intended that the raid slots are competitive and that people must continually earn their place in the raids. If you demonstrate a lack of focus, caring or ability to perform, you will most likely be replaced with someone who is better suited for the raid slot on a given night.

    Attitude and Respect

    Ensidia maintains a unique and difficult balance between a friendly community-based guild, and a raiding guild. With this being said, the attitude of the members is crucial to these fundamental ideals. Through our thorough recruitment process, we narrow down and carefully select individuals who are able to demonstrate and blend these contrasting attributes. It is very important that all members maintain a high level of respect for the guild, the officers, fellow members and the server community at large. Our reputation is important to us, so members are expected to stay above general chat channels, and server forum antics. Remember that when you have the Ensidia tag, you represent all of us, not just yourself. Take pride in who we are.

    There will undoubtedly be times that tension runs high with frustration from wiping or difficult content. It is extremely important that you remain calm and do not finger point or place blame. Being constructive is good, and we should all want to assist each other in becoming better players by constantly improving. Make sure that this is done in a respectful, and non-offensive manner. This is an adult guild, and all members are expected to act as such.

    Always respect the raid leader and pay extremely close attention to the instructions. It is highly disrespectful to the entire raid to request that instructions be repeated because you were not paying attention, and it is even worse to fail to follow them because of it. If instructions were unclear - please ask, but do not waste our time because you were distracted. The raid leader has a very difficult task trying to manage the raid, balance the classes needed for the encounter and trying to avoid too much loot rot. If you are subbed in or out of the raid, please do so quickly, and without question. Be aware that at any given time the raid leader is probably talking to 2-10 people in tells or channels. Before you send the raid leader a tell, ask yourself if it is important that you do it at this moment. Does it relate to the raid? Is it critical that you ask right now? Do you need to ask the raid leader, or can someone else help instead? There is nothing more frustrating than having people addressing concerns that have no true urgency, while trying to lead a complex raid.

    In Ensidia, loot is a "tool" that we equip the raid with in order to achieve our end goal - to progress and clear content. The loot itself should not be the reason that you raid with us, and should remain a secondary concern. It is highly encouraged for you to take a view that assists in making sure the loot goes to the people that would most greatly benefit our raid capabilities. This includes passing on loot you would otherwise have won because it is a bigger upgrade for someone else, not complaining if you are on the wait list during a boss that has an item you could use providing there is someone in the raid that can, and not appearing "loot hungry" with regards to the way you interact with the rest of the guild.

    Reliability and Preparation

    We only raid 3-4 days a week, and this does not provide us with time to waste. It is expected that you show up 15 minutes prior to the start time, and join the raid immediately. The sooner we have people in the group and can judge who is going to be attending, the sooner we can decide where we are heading and begin. By this same token, we require diligent and high attendance from our "raid team" members. Realize that you have 20+ players relying on you to show up. Please do not let them down. We try to keep a small and tight roster - high attendance members are crucial to making this work. In the rare event that you cannot attend a raid, be sure to post it on the forums or contact any officers/Raid leader. Failure to do this can greatly hinder our raids and progression, so please keep it in mind. If your RL situation is going to prohibit you from being able to participate in the vast majority of the raids, please discuss it with the officers, or request that you are demoted for the time being. It is key to be honest about your attendance and manage expectations.

    It is mandatory for all members to come to raids prepared and ready to go. This includes having read up and mastered the strategies for all applicable content, having a full supply of consumables, being fully repaired and eliminating as many distractions as possible such that you can focus. Needing the encounters explained to you in detail because you have failed to read up on the fight is not tolerated. We try to be understanding of emergencies that require brief AFKs, but it is appreciated if these are kept to a minimum. During the scheduled raid window it is expected that members will rarely, if ever, need extended periods away from their computers, as it will just slow us down. Please always let an officer know if you do need to leave your computer, so that they can request you zone out to be replaced, if required.

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